Science + storytelling


I work as a Communications Advisor with the CSIRO. You can learn all about your national science agency's work on a dizzying array of social media platforms. Before the CSIRO...

communications coordinator


I worked for The Nature Conservancy's Asia Pacific program. I made educational posters, websites, films, online stories, donor reports and logos. I coordinated the Nature's Leading Women week: training 40 women leaders from across the Pacific.

children's insect book


In 2016, I illustrated and co-wrote the children's insect book 'The Little Things that Run the City'. It was published by the City of Melbourne and launched at the Melbourne Museum. You can read it here!

freelance science writing


Freelance science writing for Bush Heritage Australia. I wrote the 36 Species Profiles on the organisation's new website. Learn about honey possums, bandicoots and bearded dragons here! 

storytelling from the field


I worked as a science communicator with Bush Heritage Australia.  I covered field trips to remote reserves: on Ethabuka Reserve, I wrote daily updates from the desert, covering the scientists' work; in the Tasmanian Midlands, I wrote profiles and made a film on the scientists' research.  

making short films


I made this film on KAWAKI, a women's conservation group in Solomon Islands. 

I also made this short film on Rowena Hamer, who researches native carnivores (quolls, devils) in Tasmania's Midlands. 

illustrating scientific reports


I've created artworks for scientific reports. You can see my artwork on the covers of:

quantitative ecology research


I studied a Master of Science (with Distinction) at the University of Melbourne. I partnered with Bush Heritage, did field work in South Australia, and examined ecological monitoring in the private conservation sector.

entomology research


I worked as an entomological research assistant on the insect ecology project 'The Little Things that Run the City'. This is a collaboration between RMIT and the City of Melbourne. I focused on Diptera (flies) and Coleoptera (beetles). 

speaking at The Laborastory


The Laborastory is a science storytelling. In 2017, I told the story of flies, dung beetles and Dr George Bornemissza. In 2015, I told the story of Harriet and Helena Scott, Australia's first female entomologists and paid artists. 

Indigenous water law research


I wrote my honours thesis on indigenous water rights in northern Queensland. I spent time the Mitchell River area with Traditional Owners and CSIRO scientists. I published this paper in the Journal of Natural Resources Law & Policy.

'Drawn to Science' profiles


In 2015, I had a column in Farrago, the University of Melbourne's magazine. I interviewed post-graduate ecologists and did a drawing of their study subject. I've uploaded the articles on this page

basket weaving trip


In 2010, I went on a 10 day basket weaving trip to Mapuru, a homeland community in north east Arnhem Land. I wrote this article when I returned home.